Tricities HELP provides curriculum & classes as well as support & encouragement to home educating families through a shared scope and sequence for K-12 homeschool students.

We meet on Mondays at Celebration Church in Blountville, TN


Francis Schaeffer- "On Education"

The community teachers and parent helpers will nurture a love for learning by introducing concepts in speech and presentation, science, history, geography, memory work, and an introduction to art, math, French/Spanish, and Composers/Martyrs.

At home, the primary focus for the parents should be a consistent routine following the online course work for these subjects each day. 

At home, a math program, and sometimes grammar, should be added to complete their studies.

*No other course work for these subjects is needed.  We are all inclusive for these areas.

8th Grade

8th grade is the bridge year of our program.  Students will learn the necessary skills to seamlessly transition to the 

high school setting.  

Course work includes extensive literature and writing, world geography, physical science, critical thinking and study skills, plus our high school history course or Algebra 1. 

*No other course work for these subjects is needed.  We are all inclusive for these areas. 

High School

Our high school program is designed to guide your student through their high school career with excellence.   our desire is to train up students who can write well, think for themselves, and carry a Christian Worldview they can stand on.

Our qualified teachers will take the lead in your student's education, however, it is imperative for the parents to evaluate the student's progress each week.

Grades and assignments are communicated through Schoology in every course.  

Grade Levels and Expectations

Important Info
Francis Schaeffer- "Philosophy of History"
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Charlotte Mason Helps

So a Charlotte Mason Education intrigues you, but you don't know what it should look like in your home.

Classical Education 

​​What is Classical Education?

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