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How to Enroll:
Request more information or
enroll by following
the steps below:
If you wish to enroll, there are several steps to be done beforehand:
  1. First, please check out our "About Us" and "Required Materials and Resources" pages to make sure this is the program for you.
  2. Next, check out our "Fee Info Worksheet" to give you an estimated cost of attending Tri-Cities HELP Co-Op.
  3. If after researching our program you feel that your family would be a good fit, then please send an email to  
  4. Please be patient with us as you wait for a response after submitting your email.  Someone will be with you soon as we are getting an abundance of calls.  

Important Note:  We are no longer accepting enrollment for our 24-25 Elementary program. We are currently adding families to a waitlist. 

We are still accepting enrollment for 8th grade - High School! 

Tri-Cities HELP Co-Op

is held on Mondays at:

Celebration Church

429 Shipley Ferry Rd.  

Blountville, TN 37617

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