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What We Do

We provide support and encouragement to home educating families through a shared scope and sequence and a streamlined educational plan based on a blending of several Christian based educational philosophies for grades K4-7.  

We take the stress off the parents by providing mentoring on the community day and providing the scope and sequence for the entire week.

Our 8th grade program is a transitional grade to help students prepare and plan for high school.  These students will solidify the skills they need to achieve excellence in high school.  By exposing them to some high school classes, high school credits can be obtained in this grade level.

Our high school follows a more traditional college prep format, offering core classes to fulfill graduation requirements. 

When We Meet

The Home Education Learning Program meets for 28 weeks on Mondays beginning in September and ending in April.


Our day begins at 8:45 with family announcements and prayer.

We always start the Monday after Labor Day each year, meeting for 14 weeks to complete our Fall semester.

We break for the rest of December and a couple of weeks in January.  

In mid January, we begin our Spring semester for an additional 14 weeks.  

We always take Easter Monday as our break.

Why We Do It

Everyone needs a place they can call home.  A community of like minded individuals who share your passion for homeschooling and excellence. 

Through H.E.L.P, our leadership team and teachers, who share a Christian worldview, strive to serve, encourage, and support our community.  

The CORE VALUES that form the basis of our beliefs about home education as Christian parents are as follows:
*It is our God-given right and privilege to home school our children.
*It is our responsibility to provide excellence in home school education.
*It is our desire for our children to know, love, obey and glorify God.

HELP was created by a group of homeschoolers who came together after years of trial and error. These parents had been participating together in a homeschool co-op for years and loved the idea of community; however, were frustrated that each family was doing their own thing at home as well as adding a separate day for co-op to their busy week.
It became apparent that by sharing the same scope and sequence they could provide more support for each other via field-trips, sharing materials and building on each others’ ideas. The co-op could be utilized as a jumping off point for the rest of the week by sharing resources, thus HELP was born.

The foundation of HELP was built on several philosophies of educational styles as well as the idea of keeping the elementary grades on the same scope and sequence for history, science, geography, and memory work.  By combining these ideas and utilizing common areas of great books, a simple learning program was developed that could be shared by the entire community.


Who We Are
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