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Elementary students can be put on a waiting list, as we are very full!
Complete the high school registration form below if you are interested in registering for HIGH SCHOOL.  We will then send you an invoice for payment. 
ELEMENTARY & 8th GRADE- Download, fill out, and return the tuition form below to be placed on the waiting list.
MANDATORY ORIENTATION DATES:  K-8- August 17th - 6:30 at Celebration Church
High School- August 29th - 6:30 at Celebration Church

Note:  We are a WHOLE curriculum program for history, science, geography, and speech.  By adding math you will have what you need to complete your school year. (some families also add grammar in the later elementary years)

Tuition– HELP Tuition costs are listed on the tuition form.  This covers the full year. Parents are also responsible for puchasing books and supplies for their students.

Please remember that Tricities HELP is not a school. Each of its teacher/tutors works as an independent contractor – hired by the parents to teach/tutor their children. Parents write checks to Tricities HELP.  We then combine and forward the funds paid by parents to the tutors. Tuition may be paid in one check for the whole year or divided up into two to six payments. If you choose to break the payments up, you will need to submit them as post-dated checks (dated for the 15th of each month during the school year) before classes begin in September.

Mandatory Orientation – You can't miss it!  This is a time to get everyone together where new and returning families can meet, tutors can give last-minute announcements and everyone can get in that “back-to-school” mood! We look forward to seeing you there!

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